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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Saturday 500am  ABC  January 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this is witness yuz this morning -- eyewitness news this morning, coverage you can count on. >> break right now, deputies are investigating a man's murder near an orange county business. it is saturday january 23, i'm daralene jones, time now 5:00, we'll have the top stories in just a minute but first a live look over downtown orlando this morning. certified meteorologist rusty
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>> it looks nice out there but it's on the colder side, friends, you got to get ready for chilly weather for us. let's first of all start, we're going to be on weather 5 for us right now, 45 ocala, 48 the village is 50 in orlando. but you know it feels cooler than that already if you step outside. why? we have a very strong westerly wind. obviously that picked up around the rain we have, blew through here. those are sustained winds, but above 25 and 30 miles an hour. if you step outside, you'll notice sprinkles here or there. i ran in to a couple driving in to work, but mainly that is going away as the rain is driving here. but there is a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning, and it does include our northern viewing area all the way down to lake county. by the way, a wind advisory for today.
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northwest winds at 20 to 40 miles an hour across florida, blustery conditions. we'll top off in the lower 50s today. nearly 20 degrees below average. it is going to be cool, we'll talk about what it will feel like in the afternoon at wind chill value, back here in a couple minutes, daralene? investigating a shooting near north simmeron and east colonial drive. deputies say the victim pulled in to a hookah lounge after 2:00 this morning. he he had been shot in the torso. victims say he was shot near the diamond club. he was taken to orlando medical center we are died -- where he died. incidents are working to find the exact location of the shooting. we have a crew gathering more information and will bring you an update in the thuz -- newscast. new from overnight, the murder of a plan in winter
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times near east dubois street just arch midnight. he later died at health central. right now poblg leads to db possible leads to try to identify a suspect. and what happened in the moments just before a state trooper was killed by a car in orlando? a look at that scene, happened at 11:30 last night, south simmeron and andora street. the victim has nonlife-threatening injuries. releases more information about what happened, we'll bring it to you during this newscast. right now volusia county deputies will go for ai -- work gps. eyewitness news jeff found out he was there for a long list of crimes. >> reporter: gary bullock was just nine weeks away from being released from prison in daytona beach. it appears that sentence will be longer. bullock who was out on work
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at the el caribe hotel where he worked for maintenance and then walked away. waez spoed to return by 5:00 -- he was spoed to return by -- supposed to return by 5:00 but never showed up. they believe he vanished just after 3:00. he was serving time for robbery, attempted robbery with a weapon, grand theft, and other charges. we did a story back in 2009 on bullock when he was arrested for a home invasion in flagler county. jeff coolidgge, eyewitness news this morning. police told us he was not considered a flight risk, if you see him notify police immediately. dangerous blizzard conditions developing across parts of the eastern u.s. as a major winter storm hits that area. this is a live look here at the white house in washington dc. you can see that area is covered with snow this morning. forecasters are warning washington and other cities like baltimore could get at least two
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abc's lana zack reports at least nine deaths in three states are being blamed on the storm >> reporter: making its way north, 80 million people facing extreme weather from mississippi to massachusetts. with a target on the nation's capitol. >> it has life and death implications. >> reporter: it is predicted to be the biggest blizzard in 90 years. as much as two feet of snow, wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour. more than 650 flights cancelled. the states blanketed in snow. this snow plow operator says it's the worst he's seen. so many motorists caught in this situation or worse. and along the jersey shore, residents warned that they haven't faced anything this bad since hurricane sandy. this giant sand dune nearly a mile and a half long and 12 feet tall was created to protect this town. still, some have been taking
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snow to have a little fun. oh! >> reporter: in fort camel kentucky, even snowzilla had to shovel the driveway. >> wow, quite the storm there. forecaster say the conditions are only expected to get worst as the storm not predicted to let up until tonight. several flights have been cancelled because of that winter storm. we checked overnight and about three dozen flights in and out of oia have either been cancelled or delayed. most heading to philadelphia, boston, and new york. if you have plans to catch a flight, check the flight status at an osceola man now in jail judge. um berto santiago impersonated an officer to steal a car. he showed an altered badge and
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could give up the car or go to jail. neighbors said nothing like this has happened before. >> it's very strange, to everyone around here, pretty quiet neighborhood. >> deputies are working to find out if santiago targeted anyone else. he's facing four charges, carjacking and falsely impersonating an officer. developing this morning a volusia county operator is closing down offices between one of his employees and a homeless man. we told you about the homeless problem there along beach street in daytona beach. on friday, a female employee was accosted when heading to work in that location. property appraiser told us it the property convinced him to close the office. >> when people feel fearful to get out of their car and walk in to a building or get out and go out and take a break at a building, thing have gone too
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will be out of the office for at least a week. they will report to work on monday either in the deland or new smyrna beach offices. a man running for county commissioner is in jail this morning after police arrested him pour -- for grand theft and forging documents. anthony de rontino falsified pay stubs and credit applications to credit. investigators say he's also in a case where a victim's car was soed -- sold illegally a voyeur is waking up in jail. dominic brace looking through a 18-year-old woman's window. they saw brace, holding a mobile phone up to the bedroom window thursday night. officers were able to catch them after he went on a chase. a judge said he cannot go back to that neighborhood along
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about a mile away. internal investigation underway as two police officers left a dispatch in the dark at a chase for the city limits. officers mike favorits and loyal, chased without telling anyone from orlando police they were doing it. a recorded call between a dispatcher and an officer shows the dispatch ever was upset -- dispatcher was upset and confused about being left out of that chase. >> i don't care what they do, give me a heads up. in the county, pine hills and silver stone, and i think they're up in mount lane. >> this is an investigation, from the onset when the supervisor found out about it, they disapproved of the pursuit. >> the report was written six days after the incident, the officers never mentioned the chase. safety officials say they're
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million vehicles to the takata airbag recall. the ntsb linked another death to those airbags. this death happened last month in south carolina. back in 2014, an orlando woman died after her airbag exploded. takata airbag have been reported to explode with too much force sending metal shards flying. thousands of people gathering at eatonville for the annual zornel horston festival, he was an author, anthropologist. the festival will run through sunday, january 31. time now 5:10, certified meteorologist rusty mccranie is in severe weather center 9. starting to feel like winter in florida. >> oh, daralene, you don't know the half of it. you look at the temperatures this morning, they are below average, like, okay, we've seen the 40s and the 50s out there, even 20s and 30s. here's the thing though: the temperature won't be climbing
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day, what you see is what you get, you're going to want to bundle up because this is going to cut through a couple layers. these are sustained winds, around 15, 20 but look at the gusts, hitting 30 in a couple spots there. and the wind will only freshen as we go through the day. as i've mentioned, there's a wind advisory for central florida today, going over 40 miles an hour. still left with thick clouds, couple areas of sprinkles, especially in polk, osceola and brevard, but skies will clear as we go through the day, declaesing clouds, 20 to 40, 52 degrees. the most widespread freeze across central florida is expected tomorrow morning, including close to the metro, more on those very cold temperatures coming up. daralene? a look at new evidence from inside a murdered woman's apartment in downtown orlando. how it led to the only suspect, the apartment security guard.
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give it a pop. welcome back friends, 5:15 checking your weather. let me tell you something, got to get ready for the coldest weekend so far, mot just the temperature -- not just the temperature but it's the wind. boy will it play a big factor at least for tomorrow morning for us. temperatures on the board, 40s and 50s but that is really ripping. 50 orlando, 50 melbourne and cocoa beach. the temperature will basically stay where we are right now, maybe bump up a couple degrees before it falls back down. wind speeds are out of the due
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wint wind at time -- wind at times but again, how strong it will be. when you factor that in, wind chill in our areas, got to be below 50 degrees to have the wind chill be a factor. it feels like 39 ocala, 39 palm coast. obviously if you have outdoor plans this morning and in to the afternoon, the medium weight jacket because the wind will be howling. wind advisors in effect from lake county off to our east, it does include marion and sumter and polk, everyone including the metro, what does that mean? we're going to see sustained winds of 20, 25 miles per hour. but gusts that could hit 35, 40 miles an hour from time to time, especially as the dry weather come in, it helps to blow out some of the clouds. we're still left with overcast skies, couple sprinkles here and there and whatever sprinkle activity will be here will be said and done in the next couple hours. this is the tail end, back end
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storm moving up the east coast through the mid atlantic states and through the northeast, feet of snow from washington dc up in the new york city area. today, look at this, we stay in the 40s for daytime highs in our northern areas, southern areas back to the 50s, orange county again today, you're going to struggle to get in the lower 50s with that northwest wind. it is going to be a very cold raw day. for tonight, widespread freeze, 29 in ocala, but look at this, leesburg 32. orlando 33. sanford 33. the only thing that might stop that freeze from really getting hard is a stronger northwester -- northerly wind. but a freeze is in effect for voo lus -- volusia. i could see the weather service adding seminole as well, orlando will be close but the wind up just a little bit. it may not allow that freeze to really get going here. there's the five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. look at the very cold weekend ahead.
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warm back up in the 70s by tuesday, daralene? new evidence in the case of a downtown orlando murder shows that what led police to the suspect, steven ducksberry accused of killing sasha s -- samsadine back in october. the toilet seat was up and no men lived in the apartment chl thumb print. detectives photographed marks on her arms. fight. ducksberry remains in the orange county jail with no bond. a jury says a former petty cab driver accused of raping a woman in his petty cab is not guilty. back in 2014 daytona beach arrested george brainer during speed weeks. investigators say brainer took advantage of a woman who they say was very intoxicated at the time. he denied those allegations and a jury acquitted him yesterday. a driver in cocoa beach will spend the next 10 years behind
5:19 am
during new year's eve in 2014, police say michelle simkins drove in to 12-year-old gregory. she was high during the time of the crash. gregory suffered two broken legs, a bruised lung and kidney damage. edz still recovering -- he's still recovering from those injury. >> she made the decision not to stop, and that decision cost everyone. i wish she would've stopped. >> michelle simpkins has two unresolved fleeing cases that will be heard next week. still searching for the suspect they say robbed this 7-eleven at gunpoint. early friday morning at the store in lake underhill road. the suspect walked in to the 7-eleven, took money from an employee and took off. nobody was injured. it's a homeowner's association nightmare, that's hard to believe actually. a port orange family will be
5:20 am
it was sold at auction foefr a doctor -- over a $1,900 debt. finding this rare case but it's a risky move any homeowner can face. >> it's not fair because this is our home! this is our home! >> reporter: but in days, kaitlyn, her husband and children will be kicked out of their house. the water's edge homeowner's association sold their home at auction to collect $1,900 in overdue fees plus a few thousand in legal costs. caitlin claims they were never told about the action. >> i feel so let down by our board! >> reporter: the couple knew the association filed a lien to dues. but after both lost jobs, kaitlyn says they had to delay paying. >> literally whether my power bill or my hoa, and my power for my children came first.
5:21 am
but it sold cheap. that's because the assessed value of their property is higher, a suggested price as high as $300,000. $175,000. after the hoa recovers the lien, the couple gets $170,000, far less than its value, so they lost their home and nearly $100,000 to cover a $5,000 lien. >> this is not okay! you can't just do this to people. >> reporter: in florida, and 30 other states, hoas can foreclose to collect, but legal experts say many homeowners don't realize it. >> it is surprising to a number of people, the average person on can't take your home. but they can. >> reporter: their attorney has filed to vacate the sale. but that is a long shot. >> i don't know what we'll do! we will literally be homeless! >> reporter: todd ulrich,
5:22 am
>> the attorney and the buyer had no comments for our report. homeowners may not know that asking for a payment plan can foreclosure. local residents say they're living with the smell of sewage after it spilled in to their yards several times. the cause of this mess and the it. and remember, if you want more local news at 9:00 this morning,
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a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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covering lake county, the property is leaking sewage in to their yards. >> go down through the bushes and through my patio and down through this yard here. >> the lake county health department said a list station
5:25 am
27 has overflowed at least three times since december of 2014. and now the department is trying to fine the motel $6,000 but the property owners are fighting back in court, they claim they've done everything to repair the problem but it is now out of their control and no one's health has been affected. a man charged with bigamy after his first wife discovered his second wife is now having his charges dropped. we told you about this case in september. yesterday the state attorney's office dropped the rarely prosecuted bigamy charge against patrick sellicourt. also revealed that prosecutors had filed false official statements against him. the state instead gave him deferred adjudication for giving false statements. he'll pay a $525 fee for that charge. two women accused of an armed home invasion were arrested after their getaway car ended with a crash at the brevard zoo. >> there you go, you got it.
5:26 am
a family at gunpoint while they robbed their home on gretel lane before taking off. an officer spotted them fleeing the scene and gave chase, but the officer says the suspects crashed their car in to the zoo just moments in to the pursuit. they're being held without bond this morning. the man who crashed in to a state trooper's cruiser yesterday is already out of jail this morning. juan torres bonded out yesterday after he was arrested and charged with dui. state troopers say torres t boned the trooper when he ran through a red light in orange county. neither torres nor the trooper suffered injuries. the gunman who shot a man at an apartment complex near the university of central florida is still on the run this morning. orange county deputies say the man was shot at the marquee apartment complex on sterling university lane last night. deputies are still searching for leads and a possible suspects, the victim is expected to recover. we're following breaking news this morning in orange
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was shot and killed earlier this morning. next, what we're learning from investigators about that murder. and here's a wind advisory for today, friends, all you got to do is step outside and feel it. the extremely cold weekend ahead. but first, here are some ideas on how to spend your day for a complete list go to
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this is eyewitness news this morning, coverage you can count on. >> breaking right now, deputies are investigating a murder near an orange county business. good morning, it's saturday, january 23, i'm now is 5:30, let's get you odds to get a -- outside to get a live look outside orlando, certifies meteorologist rusty mccranie in severe weather center 9 with a cold front, i can call it that. >> just the cold that came $9 with a cold front, i can call it that. >> just the cold that came behind, daralene, we had the storm yesterday, tornado warning in volusia county, the el nino pattern and now you're getting the secondary part of that and that's the cooler weather. typically el ninos are cooler and wetter in central florida. we've had both of that will recent -- recently 46 in palm coast, daytona beach, the wintd
5:31 am
look at these wind sustained in a west to northwest fashion. 20 sanford, higher gusts, still thick clouds out there, couple sprinkles to use the windshield wipers couple times, most of that moisture off to the south and very verks light -- very, very light in nature, you can see doppler 9, not picking up on sides of brevard county anymore. wind advisory in effect for today. 20 to 40 miles an hour wind, i wouldn't want to be doing area fishing on great lakes, to be honest, it will be rough. this leads to a very chilly afternoon and an outright cold evening. freeze warnings are in effect for tomorrow morning, i'll show you where coming up. daralene? we're following breaking news. deputies are working to figure out what led up to the shooting death of a man in orange county. eyewitness news this morning's julie salomone is live near east colonial drive on north simmeron boulevard, julie, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, daralene, i can tell you at this point,
5:32 am
we have at one of them this morning. now, this all started around 2:30 this morning when the orange county sheriff's office said a 28-year-old had just left the adult entertainment club, the diamond club, to be specific. and at some point suffered a gunshot wound between here and east colonial over right in front of the hookah lounge, he was riding a motorcycle during that time and again suffered a gunshot wound just about an hour later he passed away at the hospital, he was transported to orlando regional medical center. at this point they have not released the victim's name they just tell me he is a 28-year-old, they are waiting to notify family. again, there are no suspects at this point, and no witnesses. they said the, um, diamond club has been cooperating, they're talking with people there right now. and investigators continue to search for evidence between two
5:33 am
north simmeron boulevard at the diamond club, the other one is on east colonial drive just in front of the hookah lounge there. this is a story that will continue to develop throughout the morning and will bring you the very latest. reporting live in orange county, julie salomone, eyewitness news this morning. new this morning, search crew are found the body of a missing hiker from maitland in the rocky mountain national park. a park spokesperson said 58-year-old ronald weber who you see here was last seen on tuesday in the long peaks area of that park. they found his body at the bottom of a cliff yesterday, officials say it appears he fell about 200 feet. new records from sanford show the pit bulls connected to a recent attack lacked prosecutor care. this past tuesday -- proper care. this past tuesday we told you about the brutal attack on two women in seminole county. one woman in critical condition, but that new paperwork shows that the same people involved with this attack were connected
5:34 am
at that time, animal services says police told the dogs' owner, he needed to give up the animals or be arrested for animal cruelty, the dogs eventually returned to him. osceola county businesses will be given incentives for minimum wage. seeing county workers and workers of koeubt koint contracted -- county contracted bids -- businesses paid $12 an hour. commissioners say they'll discuss a future policy at a future meeting. this morning, an osceola man who posed as a police officer and stole a man's car expect to do face a judge. now they want to know if he's targeted anyone else. eyewitness news this morning's angela jacobs found out, he went as far as displacing a real looking badge and handcuffs. >> reporter: xavier santiago sits behind bars, accused of
5:35 am
officer to allegedly steal residents' car in this pointsettia subdivision. neighbors are still wrapping their heads around the scenario. >> it's very strange, around everyone knows each other, just strange. >> reporter: the victim told deputies a man who identified himself as detective santiago with orlando police came to his door along pick dill -- piccadilly circle last week and showing this package and told them his car was -- badge and told them his car was reported stolen, and he could give it up or be charged. detectives found the vehicle at this east orlando car lot and told us the owner recognized the suspect as xavier, his re po man. he paid him to get the car but didn't know how it was done.
5:36 am
admitted to modify the badge to intimidate people. nobody answered at the home, but a few blocks away, we found the arrest a relief. >> well, don't want him back here, that's for sure. >> reporter: angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning. detective . >> detectives told us santiago doesn't have a state license to repossess vehicles. he's being held on a $55,000 bond on four charges, including carjacking and falsely impersonating an officer. we'll let you know what happens in court on eyewitness news at noon. investigators hope new technology will bring new leads in the case of an orlando woman who has not been seen for 10 years. jennifer cassey's family along with orlando police spoke out about the case yesterday. investigators say she left her orlando condo for work in january 2006 and vanished. there have been many tips and searches but investigator haven't been able to figure out what happened to her. >> we ask you to continue with us down this journey. we know it's been long, we know
5:37 am
out all the time, if not ever. >> investigators say they will resubmit evidence from her car to the florida department of law enforcement. detectives and the family hope advances in dna examination will provide clues that can could help solve the case. some local parents say a lesson on racism in the first grade went too far. >> she divided the students by eye color. >> what the principal says about the unusual lesson and what they're doing about it now. daralene, boating condition very hazardous today because of these winds, 20 to 25 miles per
5:38 am
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time now 5:40, a live look over downtown orlando, rusty mccranie in severe center 9, some areas won't get out of the 40s today. >> can you believe it? basically, temperatures will told steady and then drop as we head in the afternoon. because of that west to northwest wind just pulling in, colder and colder air, that major winter storm system to our north, but there's a lot of chilly air behind it as well. you've got 49 apopka, 58 winter park. we could now jump a degree or two but for most areas, this is going to be the daytime highs before they fall a little bit in the afternoon.
5:40 am
afternoon, but just an unusual day, delan 49, berry, deland 47, excuse me. your winds are very strong, the wind gusts 30 miles per hour, there's also a freeze warning, lights blue, marion, flagler, volusia, lake counties. i could add the seminole and even the orange sides of orange county apopka for the ponlt of hit -- possibility of hitting 32 degrees. ocala today, 47 for a daytime high, leesburg just 48. by the way it won't feel that warm with a very strong wind. so obviously, this is a big winter weekend, a lot of events going on, we'll talk about how the cold weather impacts and who could get down to freezing tomorrow morning. some parents are upset about the lesson on racism a teacher taught to their first grade stundz. the mineola school split her students up by eye color, those with blue eyes treated nice and given treats. children with brown eyes treated
5:41 am
any treats at all. the principal says a teacher sent out a letter to parents about the lesson but not until after it happened. >> the letter should've went home before this experiment was going to happen so that parents had a voice to even opt in or out their children, maybe asked questions about it, it shouldn't have happened at all however. >> right now the school is trying to decide if the teacher should be punished. the orlando magic treated their fans to an exciting overtime finish last night. coming up, find out if the magic slump. and this viral video could cause this neurology resident from miami her job.
5:42 am
a miami doctor in danger of losing her job after a viral
5:43 am
internet of punching and kicking an uber driver. anjali ramkissoon tried to get in the car of the uber driver but the car was requested by someone else. that's when a fight happened. she not only attacked the driver, but also three things out of his car. >> call 911, please. she's getting wild. >> call 911! >> the woman wasn't arrested but her employer jackson health systems said she was placed on administrative leave. some residents in seminole county now want panhandlers to pay for the right to ask for money. we told you about the group that's been following panhandlers in altamonte springs with signs. they plan to act county commissioners to require them to pay for a permit to do what they've been doing for free. last year, seminole county passed an ordinance to crack down on aggressive panhandlers. district leaders preparing a deal that could bring a pay raise to brevard county schools. the district and local union have been working on a new contract in the past few months.
5:44 am
would get the same percentage of pay increase as teachers if the deal is approved. employees will meet on february 23 to vote on a final contract. construction equipment has now arrived to start filling in a giant sinkhole that opened up in a marion county neighborhood. take a look at the hole here that opened up on 83rd avenue in the oak run community in december. a neighborhood has since been struggling to get the hole filled. but has been fighting with the county and insurance companies over who's paying for it. work to fix the hole is expected to start monday, supposed to be done by early february. time now 5:47. and if you step out the door, you will feel the bite in the air. >> it's unbelievable how cold it's going to be, daralene. and the wind is going to be the big story. but the fact, the highs today could stay in the 40s, even as far south as orlando. it's just something to talk about. so here are your current conditions outside right now, and again, we've had a lot colder during this el nino winter, especially the last couple of weeks. but this morning, it's just a sign of what's going to be
5:45 am
we've got 46 right now in the villages and deland, palm coast, sanford 49. again if i had to put a headline, it would be these might actually be the daytime highs in the couple spots as cold air continue to get invekted in with these -- invected in. we're going to have gusts that hit 35, even 40 miles an hour. there will be a wind chill even in the afternoon hours. it feels 35 in it ocala, 41 the villages, 42 orlando. the wind advisory is in effect for everyone but marion, sumter, and polk counties. but you know, it's going to be breezy there as well. you're talking about sustained wind, 20 to 30 miles per hour but gusts that could hit 40. couple sprinkles out there early this morning, skies relatively cloudy but gradual clearing will occur and by the end of the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies across the area and of course, on the back colder in with that northwest side of this major snow system that continues to work its way up the east coast.
5:46 am
feet for places in the appalachians, the mid nick and northeast. that's a nice sustained breeze of 25 miles an hour with gusts that will be higher than that. and the wind won't die out much in the evening hours if you have any item door -- outdoor plans, you'll want to be bundled up. not a lot of exposed skin because these are die time highs -- daytime highs. upper 40s, 50s. i might be optimistic putting orlando at 52. volusia county in the upper 40s, there's an aircraft advisory, high wind advisory, a gale warning with skae saes running gulf stream. 30s. a lot of areas getting real close to the freezing mark, even here in orange county. i think as far south as
5:47 am
that's why there's a freeze warning in effect. the only thing that would play against the breeze, the wind. 10 to 15, morning lows in the metro, 32 to around 34 degrees. five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. the warming trend does kickback in starting on monday. daralene? time now for a look at your morning sports, joe kepler has -- kep ner has the highlights. >> scott's style to may changes after the worst team on the league on wednesday, but those changes weren't quite enough at home. hosting charlotte, back in the starting lineup. eric gordon got his first start of the season and it looked like the changes would work. first quarter, knocking down one of the five threes, magic would build a 19 point lead. but just when you thought that slump was over, hornets dominate the 4th quarter.
5:48 am
107-106, game high 40 points for walker. final second, magic down three, ola banks it in, 24 points for dipo giving them extra basketball, in overtime,burgles walker, takes it back to the dunk, back in front by one. but it doesn't last long. they leave spencer wide open in the corner, and that hurts. two point lead for the hornets, dipo would miss a shot to tie, and charlotte stuns the magic, 120 -116. all right, elsewhere in downtown, orlando city barely missed the playoffs m their -- in their first major league soccer season. three months to think about it, now it's time to get back to work. lions checked in at orlando health for their precamp physicals, kyle and almost everyone else now entering their second season in orlando. players have the weekend to get settled, first practice is monday. unfortunately, lairin won't actually be in camp for most of
5:49 am
of the year was called up to the canadian national team for their training camp. he didn't start the first three games of the year but still scored a rookie record 17 goals last season. talked about what it will take to mirror that success in 2016. >> going to be a lot different than when i came in last year. last year i wasn't as good as i am now, i think i will be, it will be better, better for me to work harder and get better and get fitter. >> just down the road, crews finish dumping dirt at the citrus bowl yesterday preparing the course for tonight's monster jam event. maximum destruction, monster mutt, two of the trucks planning on attempting back flips this year. hoping a good show can help keep the crowd warm. >> freestyle track is epic. huge jumps, back flip ramp, open to all 16 monster jam trucks, it's going to be the best event ever. >> i know i can't wait.
5:50 am
lost to the everglades, 4-1 last night, have a great weekend, everyone. here's a last look to our tower camera, downtown orlando, certified meteorologist rusty mccranie will have a look at our weather just after the break. but first, what's going on in florida in the weeks ahead, for a complete list go to
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more than 35,000 new jobs added in the orlando area. new numbers from december show florida's job market gained more than 230,000 jobs in 2015. and the december unemployment rate in seminole county dropped to 4.1% from just under 5% the year before. lake county dipped to 4.6 from 5.5.
5:54 am
be hosting a collection event for residents to come toss their hadz ard -- hazardous household wastes, if you've got paint, cooking grease, fuel, old batteries or hazardous chemicals, the company will be collecting for free in hunters creek, the collection at hunters creek elementary from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 this afternoon. coming up in the next hour of eyewitness news this morning: >> reporter: deputies are at an adult entertainment club right now after a man was shot somewhere between here and another crime scene. coming up, how deputies are still searching for the shooter. widespread freeze expected
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